Global markets sitting on good supports

31st August Highlights of last week:
  • The Dow and the S&P500 plunged to very good supports. But the NYA is more bearish and suggests that a bear market could ensue. Time to watch and wait. 
  • WTI daily crude has no good support before the 2008/9 low of $34. This is still a bearish influence on the global trend.
  • Japan is still bullish
  • Europe is well supported.
  • Euro and Australian dollar are wells supported, as is the Baht.
  • Hong Kong has no support at the current level and looks like it will fall to slightly below 20,000 before finding good support.
  • Thailand SET target of around 1,300 reached, but there is no good support before 1,260.
    Charts current to 28th August.

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