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This is not a web site created by professional technical analysts. It is created by an amateur technician for his personal amusement (and vanity). The information contained in this web site is not intended as advice. It contains no recommendations to take any action in relation to the buying and selling of securities. By viewing this site you assume liability for all decisions that you make on the basis of the information contained.

By viewing the charts, you also acknowledge the fact that all charts are home-made from collected data. My resources for checking for errors are limited. Errors may therefore exist in both the charts and the analysis. You are therefore advised not to rely on this site and to check elsewhere before making decisions based on these charts and analysis.

You should also acknowledge the fact that predicting the future is an inherently precarious activity. The situation can change from day to day. While I make an effort to keep in touch with developments, I am often distracted from watching the markets. You should therefore not rely on me to keep you up to date with technical developments in the region.


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