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S&P 500 reverted to 60-year mean - PE below multi-decade average




Charts current  to 26th September, except where otherwise indicated

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Traveling along resistance. If the green double top broke the index would still be in the orange channel.

The next resistance on the log scale is at around 23,000. The index is now above its 82-year mean.

The S&P is also moving along resistance. If the green top were to break, the target of 1,750 would still be within the bullish channel.

Right on the 62 year mean. Next resistance at 2,500. 

S&P 500 PE Chart below current to 30th August.
The PE for the S&P 500, around 20, is still below the 60-year mean of 24.

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Resistance at the current level. But nothing threatening.

Strong resistance at the current level. It will be interesting to see whether this breaks.

A bit of negativity but nothing as obvious as that of 2007.

30 year yield turned on resistance at 4. The long term trend is still down.

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